Strips of cloth, pieces of wood & a smoke bomb.

There is a difference between something and nothing, but it is purely a matter of nailing it together. It is a mistake to hold beliefs too tightly & retain such a firmness towards an idea, perhaps its better to just awaken a sharper focus to a more sensitive intuition.

Its been told to me forever, and so doesn’t seem like new work for me - but you have to start at the beginning for any context to be present. My father built a boat on a beach, out of Strips of cloth & pieces of wood. He built it well, when he placed it in the sea it sailed off towards to horizon. I was sad, he told me that it was sailing towards a child on the other side of the ocean who had no toys. This seemed decent & gave me a sense of pride. A good lesson to teach a young boy, to give, to use what you have & to let things go easily.

It Is by logic that we prove, but it is by intuition that we discover, so we still build boats. x